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A clear and simple way to remove SPAM messages directly from your email server
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6 December 2009

Editor's review

You might have regularly experiences a situation of spam emails inundating your mailbox. Don’t you want to get rid of these spams and solve your problem of checking and deleting them again and again? Well if that is the case a very effective solution is available in form of Antispam Scanner 2.0 which makes it easy to manage the spam mails. It shows the two colored zones; green for the mails that are friendly and red for the ones that are spam messages. With this program you can check for spams effortlessly and relive yourself of this perennial hassle.

Antispam Scanner 2.0 has an ‘Options’ tab for setting the features for the program to work. You need to create an account for checking the spams and then synchronize. It would receive and sort the subjects of the messages for each of your account. It also presents you the feature to set the Whitelist of rules addresses, mails from which would not be taken as spams by the Antispam Scanner. The Blacklist of rules option contains the addresses that by default would be considered as spams. New letter need not to be added to this list as the program automatically sets the sender and keywords to the list when you drop to the spam zone. Fierylist of rules contains Addresses and the Words that can be added, remove, and even modify. The list is made for the automatic deletion of the obvious spams. It would ignore the spams and save your time that you had to spend on checking the mails and deleting them if they are spam. The program can use the data set with the list for sorting the spams every time.

Antispam Scanner 2.0 for its well thought out features and perfection in functioning has been given 4 rating points. Its comprehensive list of Blacklist options also comes in real handy for accurately defining spam.

Publisher's description

Do you receive more and more spam every day? Use Antispam Scanner! Antispam Scanner will solve this problem, allowing you to quickly remove different trash from your mailbox before you receive your mail. The program will be helpful especially for those who receive dozens or even hundreds spam letters during a day.

The program's interface looks like traffic lights. It consists of two different colored zones.
The first zone (green) zone is for friendly messages.
The second zone (red) is for spam-messages.
Antispam Scanner
Antispam Scanner
Version 3.02
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